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二、完型填空(共 1 道试题,共 10 分.)V 1.The fourth Thursday in November is called Thanksgiving Day (感恩节).1 this day,families and friends gather together,2 a meal,and give thanks for the blessings of good health,food,jobs,and families.In

thanksgiving day is coming

搜一下:英语完型填空as thanksgiving day was diving near,the te

my three children and I would be spending it without their fatherbecause of a fatal heart attack. Now the two older children were very sick with flu.

Thanksgiving was on the way,I could always count on the arrival of my son's family who lived just an hour away.We( 1 ) had Thanksgiving dinner at my house.I was planning


Thanksgiving DayThanksgiving Day is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.It is the most traditional American holiday.Thanksgiving Day began with the


My name's Jim Shelley and I'm an addict(有瘾的人) With these words I began to_1__the problem,the problem of my telephone addiction.I used to call people_2___,from the moment Iwoke up to the time I went to sleep,I__3__to be phoned, I

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