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I like travelling. If i have a chance to have a trip, i would like to go France.The reasons is as follows: first of all, the scenery there is very beautiful. Second, i heard that the French(法语) is also very beautiful. I hope i can heard the Frenchmen say the

As we all konwn,English is becoming more and more popular and important.So learning it well is very necessary. At first, you shuold practise your listening and speaking,which is so useful when you communicate with foreigners.You can listen to the

DO you like rainy day? If you like rainy day,in that way I am very surprised.Because I can't stand it.I think rainy is a bad weather .I can't play soccer with my friends . Soccer is my favorite sport,so that make me very angry. Of course some people like rainy day , they think it is very well. What about you?

I like English very much. Because it's very interesting. Our English classes always full of joy. We can play English games, such as “ Magic eyes, bomb, bingo, simon says”, we can also say a chant, read rhymes, make short plays. That's great

Winter The season I like the most out of the year is winter. The reason I like winter the most is because I enjoy jumping and playing in the snow. One of the things that I like to do in the snow is to make snowmen. The best kind of snow for snowmen

Do you like taking photos? Nowadays, taking photos is a more and more popular way to capture memories and scenery. When we celebrate birthdays, we take photos; when we travel, we take photos; when we are bored, we even take photos to

i like night. the night is one of the more romantic and beautiful things in the world. it is dark and for this reason you can see the stars in the sky. when the night begins, the place where you are begins to illuminate and people are ready to go out to


my favourite sport is badminton.I still remembered that the first time i became interested in it.At that time i was only 8 years old. I fell in love with playing it after my father tought me how to play it.Now,I still play badminton with him as long as he is free.

yes .i like ,i think it is not only me like ,everybody like .beasue tv show can tell me so many knowledg,for example:what is world ?how can we succed?and so on . in my life , we can not touch anything ,now the TV is good friend who can tell you so

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