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My Lifetyle Different people have different lifetyles. Of course , I have my lifestyle. In the past , I never exercised. And my eating habits weren't pretty good . But I ate chocolate and junk food every day . I didn't like milk .I like coffee . I drink it every day .

My lifestyle I believe that the stage is more beholding to the personal style,than life itself.So everything I do I'll my heart and soul. My life style is simple but interesting.I'm convinced that I'm tough and strong.Although there are so many difficulties,pains

My lifestyleI believe that the stage is more beholding to the personal style,than life itself.So everything I do I'll my heart and soul.My life style is simple but interesting.I'm

My Family Rules My family has many rules like my school. But my family rules are different from my school rules, my school rules are for students, family rules are for family member. My family rules: first, after dinner, everyone take turns do the dishes;

My LifestyleI have a healthy liyestyle.I'm pretty healthy. I exercise every day usually when I come home after school. My eating habits are pretty good. I try to eat a

My School Life My name is… .I'm…years old,and I study in… MiddleSchool .My school is very big andbeautiful.I'm very happy in theschool.We have… classes everyday.The

We believe that health care consumers should be able to make educated choices I take good care of my health.My healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades.This is my way

你好; My lifestyle Everyone has his or her lifestyle, different people have varieties of styles, too. As to lifestyle, maybe there are two types. One is quiet and shy, the other is outgoing. Many people like reading books, chatting with friends online, or

My Lifestyle I have a healthy lifestyle.Every morning I get up early and take exercise,my favorite sport is running and it makes me healthy.In my free time,I like to watch TV.But I never watch TV too long.My eating habits are very good.I eat vegetables

My lifestyle I'm a middle school student.And I have a good lifestyle.I exercise every day.And l sometimes play basketball with my friends.Because I think No sports,no life.My eating habits are pretty good.I eat vetetables and fruit every day,but I don't

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