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1、We carefully watched every detail of his action. 我们仔细观察了他动作的每个细节.2、I backed up carefully until I felt the wall against my back 我小心翼翼地后退,直到感觉后背碰到了墙壁.3、He studied the keyboard carefully, one finger poised. 他仔细研究了键盘,一个手指随时准备敲击.

He does things very carefully. 他做事情很小心. You must all listen carefully. 你们都必须仔细听着.

more carefully

He works the most carefully among his classmates.在他的同学当中他干活最细心. 希望能够帮助到你,谢谢.祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*) 有不会的可以再问我:

动词加的是副词(adv),就是加more carefully;而careful是形容词(adj)是修饰名词的.所以你问的用法是对的.

Itself: The cat can take care of itself. advise: My teacher advise me to major in English. Carefully: Lucy takes care of her young brother carefully when her parents aren't at home.

we must listen to the teachers with ___paying____(pay)attention carefully

time is organized by the clock. 时间由时钟来安排. are your an organized person? 你是一个诸事都井井有条的人吗? i wanted to be well organized. 我希望有条不紊.

1、在单词后直接加-er表示比较级,-est表示最高级:new, fresh, cheap, close, big2、在单词前面加more表示比较级,most表示最高级:comfortable, boring, expensive, cheaply, carefully

1.Beauty,beautiful,beautifully The whole area is famous for its natuial beauty. It's a beautiful day. A beautigully illustrated book. 2.Care,careful,carefully She

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