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instructor [英][in'str∧来kt] [美][in'str∧ktr] n.指导者,教师 例句:1. I learned this technique from my gym instructor.我从我的运动教练那里学源到了这些技巧.21132.The resource allows me to learn, contribute and even interact with an instructor

正派的 如你是想问如何区分他们吧 应该是respectable 和 respectful的区别: respectable 受人尊重的:the professor is a respectable man.那位教授是个值得尊重的人.旁观者们站在一定的距离之外. respectful表示敬意的,尊敬的 如;the onlookers stood at a respectful distance,值得尊重的

expose vt. 使暴露,展览, 陈列,如: expose goods in a shopwindow 陈列货物于商店橱窗内.

unlike Mary ,Tom likes eating meat 不像玛丽,汤姆喜欢吃肉

6. Few could afford the luxury. 很少有人买得起这种奢侈品.7. We can afford a car. 我们买得起一辆小汽车.8. The records afford no explanation. 这记录没有任何说明.9. She cannot afford the expense. 她花不起这笔钱.10. Could we afford a holiday? 有没有钱去度一次假?

Nothing is impossible.

overnight [英][v'nat][美][ovnat] adv.在晚上; 在夜里; 突然; 很快; adj.一整夜的; 晚上的; 突然的; 很快的; n.前一天的晚上; 一夜的逗留; vi.过一夜; 例句:It's not going to happen overnight

因为根据你的这几个词全为比较级的词,所以造句肯定无非都是比较了.1.this bag is heavier than that one.这个包比那个沉.2.your ruler is not longer than mine.你的尺子没我的长.3.the beggar wears thinner than others.那个乞丐穿的比其他人都少(薄)4.the pretty puppy is smaller than any others.这个可爱的小狗比其他的任何一只狗都小

useless是没用的意思,很好造啊,比如说没用的东西 useless thing

We should also take account of difficulties. 我们也应该考虑到困难. London was also called the modern Babylon. 伦敦也被称为现代巴比伦. Tom has been to Japan, I have also been there. 汤姆曾去过日本, 我也曾去过.

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