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put on v.穿上,把放在上,装出,假装,增加,欺骗,添上,使靠维持生命 参考例句:The doctor has put me on drugs,ie prescribed them for me.医生给我开了药.She put on a semblance of anger.她装出生气的样子.It's lucky you didn't put the

when it is cold, I put on the coat 当天气冷了,我穿上了外套!

On New Year's Day, we put on our new clothes and visit our family and friends.在新年的第一天,我们将对我们的新衣服和参观我们的家人和朋友.She's not really ill;she puts it on to get others' sympathy.她其实没有什么病,她是为了博得他人同情而装病的.The athlete put on a sprint of speed to make it.运动员在到达终点前进行冲刺.

when it rains, you should put on your coat

put on your clothes

1. 穿上,戴上(衣、帽、眼镜等): 例句: What dress shall I put on for the meeting? 我穿什么衣服去开会? 2. 增添,增加(体重、肌肉、速度等);加(若干数目)在价格(等)上: 例句: He didn't want to put on more weight. 他不想增加体

please put on your clothes.you can't put your dress on now.

An apple is put on the table.He put a picture on the wall.How much sugar put in your milk?A plane simply put down.This incident put these children in a bad mood.As a student I put her on a level with his.I think you put it very well, don't you.I put it to you

Put on your coat,it's cold outside

put on 英 [put n] 美 [pt n] 穿上;增加;上演;使运转

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