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ACross thE strEEt造句

Draw a horizontal line across the bottom of the page. 在此页底部画一条水平线. It is twenty-five miles across the fields to Salisbury. 跨越25英里的田野可到达索尔兹伯里. Our house is across the river. 我们家在河那边. He leaped the horse

across ['krs, 'kr:s]prep. 穿过;横穿adv. 横过;在对面get across:(将)清楚,(使)被了解|说明|克服cut across:抄近路穿过,对直通过|走捷径,抄近路|开匹(疵布)相关例句:1.The bus stop is just across the street.公共汽车站就在

She walked across the floor and lay down on the bed.He scrawled his name across the bill.She found her clothes lying across the chair.The wind pushed his hair across his face.He glanced across at his sleeping wife.

across 多作介词,穿过,横过,比如go across the street 过河过街多用across cross 动词,穿过 cross the street through 介词,穿过 walk through the forest 多指从内部通过,比如隧道等 along 作介词时表示沿着,walk along the street between 介词 在两者之间 over 作介词时表示在..上面 根据不同的语境选择介词


He walked across the street. I bought two hares yesterday. It's cold in the Arctic. I can't bear you any longer. I'm going to climb the hill this weekend. I like swimming in the lake. I'm living a happy life now.

He is crossing the street 求采纳

across ['krs] prep. 穿过;横穿 adv. 横过;在对面

The library across from my house.(图书馆在我家对面)

Go across the street,Its the post office next to the restuarent.在马路对面,邮局在饭店旁边.

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