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不少啊 make action on (controlling the number of vehicles) an important part of its environment policy The government主语 should 情态动词 后面这一长串就是谓语

play an important part in 是在……中起重要作用 play an important part of是在……(剧)中扮演重要角色


reading newspaper in everyday life has become an important part.

1,Read newspapers2,The things which is going on the word3,Take a quick look at the front page4,No,there aren't5,English language newspapers


___Education___(educate) is an important part of our development.教育的名词是Education,educate是动词意思是教育在我们的发展中起着很重要的作用.

小题1: free/spare happening小题2: 有时我们太忙而不能看所有新闻小题3: Once a day小题4: At times, we may be in a hurry to look at the names of the passages.小题5: Reading newspapers has become an important part of everyday life. 试题分

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