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An Unforgettable trip I still remember my 10 days trip to Calcutta, which is the largest and most fascinating city in India, with my school staff and students when I was ten years old. Moreover, it was 24 hours journey from my city Hyderabad to the city

难忘的经历 An Unforgettable Experience Last summer holiday, I learned to swim. It was very unforgettable and interesting. I went to the swimming pool with my father. He taught me how to swim. At first, I was afraid of diving in the water. And I felt

unforgettable memory 难忘的回忆; 例句: I think we will keep the unforgettable memory on the whole of my life. 那必将留给我一生难忘的回忆; For every seasonal seismic observer one unforgettable memory is that of his first desert sandstorm. 对每个熟练的地震观测员来说,初遇沙风暴的情景是难以忘怀的.

第一篇:A memorable experience Everyone has some memorable experiences. In 2008, there was a serious earthquake in Sichuan Province. Many people were killed. A large number of houses collapsed. I was shocked. When I see theses

提供2篇,给你参考 An Unforgettable day,An Unforgettable day范文-大学英语作文 It was a sunny balmy afternoon at the end of a leisurely summer. I was driving on a winding country road with a lady friend. Little did I know that I was to have a close

Each person's life will experience many things, some lead a person to endless aftertastes, some bitter to swallow; some have long forgotten, some fresh.It is in the fourth grade when an experience.One day, I forgot to bring my book, for me, all the

An unforgettable experience Usually, the first time you did something is unforgettable, although it couldn't be always wonderful. As for me, an unforgettable experience of mine is the first time I joined the Red Cross.We took boxes, and walked on the

Everyone has some unforgettable experiences.I also have some.But one thing is the most unforgettable experience I have. I remembered that I had a bad cold last year.Because of the bad cold,Icouldn`t go to school and had to stay at home.When the

An Unforgettable Activity Many people have their own unforgettable activities. So do I. When I was ten, I took part in a sports meeting. My teacher asked me to run, And I was frightened by this , because I couldn't run fast, Some of my classmates

Of course, everyone experiences different things which make them unforgettable.当然,每个人的经历不同的东西让他们难忘的.So do I. Next let`s share one that affects me a lot and is really unforgettable. July 2 is my grand father's birthday. On that

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