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Everyone has an unforgettable thing in his life. So do I. when I was just five years old, I celebrated my mother's birthday for her. I cleaned the room, mopped the floor and also bought a present for her. I waited for mum at home after doing all these

I've had quite a lot of lessons in my school life. Among them the one given by an American young man is the most unforgettable. It was on Tuesday morning in May. Our teacher told us all of a sudden that an American would give us an English lesson

An unforgettable thing Life is just like a kaleidoscope . It is filled with happiness 、 sorrow 、 fortune 、 horror , etc . But there are always some unforgettable things in which you will find that the true meaning of our life . At the end of 2007 , it is my

其实写英语作文和写语文作文是不一样的,语文所需的是华丽的辞藻,而英语你只要写到不要有语病,且思路清晰就可以了,在文章中可套用一些平时上课所摘下的简单词组,如in my opinion(在我的观点看来)money is not everything(钱不是

During my summer vacation I, my father took me to go skating, we went to a rink, saw the people there some slid like flying, and the slippery rise as in Latin dance as See here, and I can't wait to slide, my dad in the hands of a skating, hurriedly put

Last Sunday morning, my friend and I went to visit the Beijing Zoo. We went by bike. It took us about half an hour to get there. When we got there, it was already crowded with people. There were a lot of foreign visitors, too. It is said that the Beijing

An unforgettable experience Usually, the first time you did something is unforgettable, although it couldn't be always wonderful. As for me, an unforgettable experience of mine is the first time I joined the Red Cross.We took boxes, and walked on the

everyone has some unforgettable experiences.i also have some.but one thing is the most unforgettable experience i have. i remembered that i had a bad cold last year.because of the bad cold,icouldn`t go to school and had to stay at home.when the

Spring Festival is the most important festival in China.Before Spring Festival we clean our houses,paint doors and windows red,decorate the doors and windows with paper cuts,buy clothes and have a haircut on New Year's Eve,we get to together

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