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Approach 的主要词义及用法 1. n. 接近, 逼近, 走进, 方法, 步骤, 途径, 通路 2. vt.接近, 动手处理 3. vi.靠近 一、approach vt., vi. 走近;靠近We approached the museum. 我们走近博物馆.(首次)接洽Did he approach you about a loan

approach 一、解释:英['prt] 美['prot] n. 方法;途径;接近 vt. 接近;着手处理 vi. 靠近 二、用法:1、an approach to 学习的入门;学习的途径 例句:This article lays out the problem and proposes an approach to solve it.本文将逐

approach kk:[] dj:[] vt.1.接近,靠近 hecautiouslyapproachedthehouse.他小心地走近那房子.2.近乎,即将达到3.找商量(或联系)[(+about)] haveyouapproachedthemanagerabouttakingadayoffnextweek?你是否同经理谈过下周请一天假的事

1. 接近,靠近;即将达到[U][(+of)] Snow announced the approach of winter.雪宣告了冬季的来临.2. 通道,入口[C][(+to)]3. 方法,方式;态度[C][(+to)] I like her approach to the problem.我喜欢她解决这个问题的方法.4. 接近的表示,接洽[(+to)]

approach KK: [] DJ: [] vt.1. 接近,靠近 He cautiously approached the house.他小心地走近那房子.2. 近乎,即将达到3. 找商量(或联系)[(+about)] Have you approached the manager about taking a day off next week?你是否同经理谈过下周


approach 1.接近,靠近 He cautiously approached the house. 他小心地走近那房子.zhidao2.着手处理,开始对付 He approached the question as a scientist. 他从科学家的角度回来处理这一问题. 跟介词:1.+of 接近,靠近;即将达到 Snow

个人认为这道题是因为固定搭配approach to 而用approach way [countable noun]1 Websites can be designed in many different ways.2 way to do something Visiting a country is a great way to learn its language.There's more than one way to build a

approach为名词,意思为“方式、方法”,所以要用to do 构成“It is an effective approach to do sth”句式,意思为:做某事,这是一种有效的方法.如:It is an effective approach to solve this problem.解决这个难题,这是一种有效的方法.另外:

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