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be thirsty for sth. 没有be thirsty to的用法,不常用 其他有:desire sth./to do sth.have desire to do sth.(此处desire是名词) be anxious for sth.be anxious to do sth.一般习惯用语:be eager for 渴望, 渴求, 争取 be eager about 渴望, 渴求, 争取 be eager after 渴望, 渴求, 争取 be eager to do 急欲, 渴望做

be thirsty for sth.没有be thirsty to的用法,不常用其他有:desire sth./to do sth.have desire to do sth.(此处desire是名词)be anxious for sth.be anxious to do sth.一般习惯用语:be eager for 渴望,渴求,争取be eager about 渴望,渴求,争取be eager after 渴望,渴求,争取be eager to do 急欲,渴望做

be thirsty for后加名词或动名词 If your child is thirsty for learning, then it is senseless to hold her back. 如果你的孩子渴望学习,那就不要毫无益处地进行阻拦. 柯林斯例句库 In this way I believe that our cities will not be thirsty for water in the future.

意思没有差别,词性不同,结构不同而已:thirst for 渴望 是动词短语 the girl thirsted for yogurt.小女孩非常想喝酸奶.be thirsty for = be eager to do sth.渴望thirst 变成了形容词,the girl is thirsty for yogurt.

be directed to指向,针对 be: vi. 1.有…存在,生存. Can such thin directed: adj. 1.有指导的;定向的. 2.【数学】标出(数、 to: adv. 到某种状态;〔特指〕到停止状态;关闭.用法:1. One's thoughts must be directed to the future .一个人应

1. Young man should be thirsty for knowledge.青年人应该渴望知识.2. You be thirsty for you have talked for an hour.你说了一个钟头话了,一定渴了.3. Lily, you must be thirsty after a long drive. Would you care for a drink?莉莉, 坐了这么长时间的车

N-UNCOUNT A lust for something is a very strong and eager desire to have it.

he seemed to be guite thirsty他似乎渴了

to be的中文翻译是存在、成为和是的意思,后可以跟形容词、副词和名词,具体分析如下:to be 英 [t bi] 美 [tu,t bi] 存在;成为;是 关键词汇:to 英 [t] 美 [tu,t] prep.到;向,朝着;关于;属于 adv.朝一个方向的;到某种状态;关闭 相关

to be 成为,将要成为 to-be即将的,未来的 像楼上学长所说的:to be or not to be 放在上下文里有很多意思,成或不成,活着或者毁灭,等等 to be an ordinary man 做一个普通的男人 to be better 更好 to be or not to be born to be a star 天生就是

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