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Do exercise everyday and your body will benefit from it . 坚持锻炼,你的身体会受益良多.

1.写出benfit的形容词形式:( beneficial )2.写出下列各短语的中文意思并完成下列句子for sb's benefit( 为了某人的利益 )for the benefit of ( 为了某人的利益 )be benefical to sb ( 对某人有益 )benefit from (

as long as 应该是介词短语,一般接句子,1.as long as arranging the time reasonably,we are sure to benfit more from recreational activities.(08年6月cet-4里的.)其中的arranging ,并不是说该词后加动词ing形式,arranging 是句子arranging the

及物动词 vt. 1.对有益,有益于The sea air will benefit you. 海边的空气对你有益. 不及物动词 vi. 1.得益,受惠[(+by/from)]We benefited greatly by this frank talk. 这次坦率的谈话使我们获益匪浅.

This week,you will start to reap the benefit of a recent struggle.这周你将开始从最近这些挣扎纠结中收获受益.

1.you must listen to english every day.2.listening is the most basic part.3.you must keep practicing reading, or you can not finish your reading quickly.4.reciting is very important every day.after school,reading loudly is also benfit.5.writing is very

Yet my years of research and work with organizations have convinced me that the ones that enjoy long-term prosperity do so because they have a consistent willingness to reexamine and improve on basic factors that others regard as obvious. 但是

1.I awared my mistake until I knew the news 2.In comparison with my sister, I do not worth mentioning3.It is proved that the methods of studying which teachers introduce are effect

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