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这个词应该是boring吧 意思是无趣的 单调的乏味的 令人讨厌的

My skin's still burning from your touch 肌肤之亲 让我陶醉 是maria arredondo 的burning的一句歌词


I am 24 years old and was born in Anhui province.中间要有关联词,出生要用was过去时

June 英[du:n] 美[du:n] n. 六月; [女子名]琼,来源于拉丁语,含义是“年轻气盛的六月”(youthful from the name of the month); [例句]He spent two and a half weeks with us in June 19861986年6月他和我们一起呆了两周半.[其他] 复数:Junes

One day in my summer hoildayIn the morning, I got up at 9 or 10 o'clock. I began to brush my teeth,and wash my face and have breakfast.After that, I did some homework. I had my lunch at 12. I was very borning , I played some PC games. After did a

您好,可改为: People from my relative families will give birth to babies this year.One baby will make me become the elder brother who is 25 years of age,and the other will make me become the uncle.To be honest/Honestly speaking/To tell the truth

第一篇: i spent a happy new year's day . i went to the park with my best friend. we listened to the music there. and we bought many snacks . we ate them there. then we went shopping . the things in the shop were cheap that day. i bought a

上册 Unit 1 ☆Young (年轻的) ☆funny (滑稽可笑的) ☆tall (高的) ☆strong (强壮的)☆kind (和蔼的、亲切的) ☆old (年老的) ☆short (矮的) ☆thin (瘦的) ☆Mr (先生) ☆like (像、喜欢) ☆strict (严格的) ☆smart (聪明

Dear June(举例): How is everything going?I am willing to tell you something new about my recent school life. I always think school life is borning,but after I got along with my friends these days I changed my mind.I have already adapted to my

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