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Bring sB BACk造句


when are you bring my book please come back soon

bring back to one's life使某人重生 The god brought back to her life because her kindness.上帝因为她的善良给了她重生.

恩科雨露小编来帮您:bring back有5个意思:1. 把…带回来,拿回来;使(某人)回来;归还:Bring back some apples for me.替我捎些苹果回来.2. 使被忆起,使被想起,使回忆起,使记起:His words brings back memories of my friend.他的

it makes me bring back my childhood

This person will bring your happiness to you.Behave yourself!Please talk about it based on its behave.

bring sb back to life 使某人的生活 That we can bring her back to life? 我们能把她救活?She had never come back to life in two hours. 她从来没有在两个小时复活的.如有疑问请继续追问,望采纳,谢谢,您的采纳是我的力量!

bring sb back to earth使某人回到现实中来双语例句1. Serving Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Baked Acorn Squash will bring them back to earth.不过加入大蒜的马铃薯泥和烘烤的南瓜说不定能将他们拉回餐桌哦.来自互联网2. People were awestruck


您好,很高兴为您解答问题.bring sb back to life救活某人例如:That we can bring her back to life? 我们能把她救活?如果此回答对您有帮助,请您采纳;如果您还有不明白的地方,请继续追问.谢谢您!

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