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I stood watching for the signal to change to green. 我站着等待交通信号转为绿灯. I change to another line. 我换乘另一线路的火车.

改变 满意请采纳 谢谢


we changed seats in the interval 及物 in fall the leaves change from green to brown 不及物 many changes have taken place since then. 名词

首先,change to/change into二者区别不大,into强调完全变成,to有变化,变成.这种细微区别有些时候看不出.例如:the worm has changed into a butterfly. 这条虫变成了蝴蝶.(完全) the traffic lights change from red to green. 红绿灯从红灯变成了绿灯.(灯没变,光有变化).从以上两句可以看出change to/into/from的区别了.其中to/into区别细微,from完全不同.

1.She had to change her way of life when her baby came on the scene. 如果你不得不改变我们会晤的日期,请给我打个电话. 2.Please telephone me if you are to change the day of our meeting. 她的孩子出世之后,她不得不改变生活方式. .3.It is

不一样,range from to,是指范围从到change from to是,从变成

短语 from a.m. to p.m.一天到晚 fly from sw. to sw.从某地坐飞机去某地 travel from sp. to sp.从某地到某地旅行 from….To.从到 a letter from sb.to sb.一封由某人寄给某人的信

Many old people find it difficult to cope with changes. 许多老人难以适应变化.

I change the dream into realityTo integrate change into your life, it must become a part of your daily routine.要让改变融入你的生活,它就必须成为你日常生活的一部分.

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