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听指令,做动作.用英语口语表达是: Follow the instructions ,do the actions!注:请提问者及时采纳!

child:There are so many animals. Mum,what's that over there?mum:It's a monkey.Do you like it?child:yes ,itis cute.i like it very much.dad:would you like to feed it?We have some bananas .mum:let's go and feed it.child:ok.It's so interesting.dad: if you

“做一些动作”用英语说是:do some actions.1、Now i am going to show you some actions to let you gues out their meaning.现在我做几个动作,大家来猜一下他们的意思.2、You do action i say English.你做动作我说英语.3、I"ll sing and

do the actions

分享: 腾讯微博 qq空间 新浪微博 | 收藏 匿名 2009-03-24 举报 去动物园的英语情景对话 适用于初中学生的2到三分钟的对话,包含谈论自己喜欢的动物 满意答案 benjamin 4级 2009-03-24 举报 let's go to the zoo!(at home)daming: what a nice

Let's go to the zoo!(At home) Daming: What a nice day! Let's go to the zoo, OK?Amy and Lingling: OK!T: I'm a driver. I'll take you to the zoo, let's go. Amy and Lingling: OK. (On the bus)(All the students say chant “Lions and tigers at the

Boy: Where do you want to go now?男孩:现在你想先去看什么?Girl: Let's see the elephants.女孩:我想去看大象B: The elephants? Why do you like elephants?男孩:大象?你为什么喜欢大象?G: Oh, they're interesting. And they are really

一般用take action组合,意为采取行动actions 是名词,代表行动,作用.现在很多导演在开拍镜头的时候,都会喊,三二一,表示开始,行动的意思.

Dialogue A A:Now,let's go and see the aviary(鸟舍) first. B:All right. (They enter the aviary. )Look,a pair of eagles from North America. Huge birds,aren't they? And so stately. A:What are those repulsive-looking(可憎的,令人害怕的) birds of

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