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at once(马上)\dear(贵的)\\no hurry(不急,慢慢来)\prefer to(更喜欢)\quickly(很快)\(加油)\(插队)\promise me(承诺我)

在词义区别上没什么大差别.但适用范围上来说famous口语和书面语都可以用.而famed就文艺一些了.be famous for和be famed for可以进行同义替换.

Fuji Mountain in Japan is famous.

watch out(look out) when you cross the road. Turn right in next cross road.This city is well known(famous for) by its beautiful(fabulous) beach(coast) 括号内为可替换用语 自己打的 望采纳谢谢楼主

句型可以换成there be句型There is a famous saying that.

1.be famous for2.with3.care for4.why don't you5.enjoyed themselves

答案是:I am less famous than Andy at school I am not as famous as Andy 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

1.Gone with the Wind is a famous (noble ) 2.A reporter often ( interview)people. 3.We ( lost) basketball match yesterday. 4.There are sixt y ( minutes)ne minute 5.Peter wants to learn how he can read and write in Chinese.(同义句替换) Peter

1.can you tell me something eles about that famous reporter(同义句) =can you tell me (something) (more) about that famous reporter. 2.she is careful when she does the housework.(同义句) =she does housework (carefully). 3.we are making a good living.(解释句子) =我们生活很好.

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