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《Fly So High》 作词:TIGER作曲:FLYING GRIND演唱:山田优嘿 女孩 别那么消沉嘛 微笑吧试着去展示 你是最棒的嘿 现在 不是才刚刚开始吗迈步前进 这是属于是你的人生即使有烦恼 时间依然会流逝没办法啦 所以 请别再回头了就算已过了

Crayon - G-Dragon 音译冉er.制作 ?GD?GET YOUR CRAYONGET YOUR CRAYON马力 啊敢 无了 拜swag check swag check马力 啊敢 无了 拜swag check swag check啊及投无力及呀乃 yes I'm a pretty boy那拿来大力 so fly 当拉力 boy波哇四莫

La La Lai, i, i, i like the real Shee!you, you, you, you like the real Sheei, i, i, i like the real Shee me and my crew can only bust with the real Shee (all) we, we, we, we like the real Sheeyou, you, you, you like the real Shee all my peeps they like the real

Yeah, dedicated to you all. Thank you困难痛苦的时候 即使连过往的眼泪都失去光亮仍然有一些特别的希望 造就你和我今天的模样就像大地被雨水洗链每一天都梦见新的一天为了特别的梦想 我们描绘著明天Fly high展翅高飞Oh my hopes and

A grand oasis in the vastness of gloom 盛大绿洲之邸 隐匿于无尽幽冥之中 Child of dew-spangled cobweb Mother to the moon 月亮之子 于蛛网凝结的露水璀灿生处 Constellations beholders of the 3rd vagrant 观望星辰 开始第三次漂泊 Theater for

Marie Serneholt的Oxygen Enjoy The Ride You touch my skin Change the mood I'm in Teach me how to fly Just by looking in my eyes Every word you say Sets my heart on fire Every move you make Takes me higher I get so high up here When I touch

GDTOP high high son素一将啊拉so某修 T.O.P Class i'm mr.G in the club in my B-Boy Stance 进家no句拉嫩都 切带楼头进跟so everybody make it move make it move 但giu就 so够把ki大里都Freedom 穷完求挂 的三有无的满乃西冷 一不一求噶

歌词如下: "the finish line"i thought i knew it alli've been through the highs, said all my goodbyeslearned to run before i learned to crawlit's not worth fighting for if one of us is sureand one of us is dying, trying to find loves curei have waited all my

我也很喜欢这首歌啊~~~ I'm fallin' I'm fallin' fallin' Yeah (yes) I'm fallin' I'm fallin' fallin' shimmy shimmy yo 1,2 step action mission completeno doubt哈利路亚 I'm fallin' I'm fallin' fallin'轰然倒塌的大楼里 Yeah哈利路

森跟狗妈鸡大里den freedom 冲one冲瓜 哭分有唔den八冷鸡定in 屋里出gia 谋给给样旺亚so忒 Hey come on and make some noise 那一吗妹内痛喵 哪也so聊 yo fly high high I'm so high high high up in the sky high high I'm so high fly fly touch the sky

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