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他们三个中 谁最滑稽 望采纳

这里left是leave的过去时,leave是“留在,忘在”的意思 翻译:你把作业留在家里了.我不想像楼上一样抄字典……衷心地祝你快乐…

funniestthe……in the movie表示一个整体,而且应该是两个以上的人,所以不用funnier

withoutsuccessful(楼主有没打错,再看下)copy质量舒服省份fastestworse这个有没打错,没的话告诉下zd我.told, boringfunnest, amongtalent, performancemore comfortable

它是指什么什么的价格,作主语时只能用单数.询问时要用What's the price of ?=How much is /are?例如:what's the price of the book?=How much is the book?What's the price of the books?=How much are the books?注意它们的单复数.回答它们只能用高(high),低(low)

Yesterday,I went to a zoo with my brother.And we saw a lot of animals ,such as monkeys bears penguins giraffes and so on. The monkeys were the funniest of .They were so cute that we gave them many food.They liked bananas very much.We did have a good time there!

There's something undeniably magical about a Disney movie that brings out your inner child and the streak continues to manifest itself in the latest with its fine track record with upstarts Pixar (the "Toy Story " films) in delighting children of all ages

He is the funniest student in our class .He is funnier than any other student in our class .He is funnier than the other students in our class .He is the funniest of all in our class .

Tom and Tony are my best friends. They are both tall and thin. Tom is more outgoing than us but I'm more serious than them. Tony is the funniest of us all. I work as hard as Tony, we can get better grades than Tom. Tom plays basketball best,because

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