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仰望天空,逐渐使我回想起往事的点点滴滴…那是尘封的回忆,只记得暮云春树下,你我欢聚时的幸福时光 希望对你有帮助



german 德国人.德国的.germany 德国(国家)

萌组词 : 兆萌、萌芽、人萌、邪萌、萌俗、滋萌、字萌、余萌、萌甲、萌人、 萌孽、萌蘖、群萌、奸萌、萌兆、边萌、庶萌、未萌、氓萌、萌牙、 萌发、防萌、民萌、萌生、寡萌、复萌、烬萌、箭萌、梨萌、句萌、 乱萌、勾萌、浮萌、葭萌、杞萌、众萌、孳萌、黎萌、良萌、萌动、 众萌、萌茁、逆萌、区萌、遗萌、萌庶、萌黎、萌象、萌毓、萌通、 孚萌、贫萌、萌隶、萌起、宾萌、开萌、根萌、萌阳、孳萌、萌达、

1.动物园靠近马路.很吵. The zoo which closes to the road is very loudly.2.动物园环境不好.动物会把病传染给人. The situation of the zoo is bad and the animals would give sickness to human beings.3.失去了野生动物的本性The animals lost their wild

Today I got the flue, then sneeze, the head is again painful, still having fever and coughing, hard pole.I avoid the germ infection because of shoulding be little to go out, hear the very delicious medicine of the doctor's words, in order to prevent the

Early life and education[edit]Snow was born 15 March 1813 in York, England. He was the first of nine children born to William and Frances Snow in their North Street home. His neighbourhood was one of the poorest in the city and was always in

Bprevent sb from doing 阻止做某事being infected 动名词被动形式做介词宾语

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