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Good manners are really important in one's social life. Good manners show your friends and partners or mostly people you meet the first time what a person you are. It reveals personal characteristics like if you are respectful, arrogant, or humble. Let

Good manners are necessary because one is judged by his manners. One's manners not only show what kind of education he has received and what his social position is, but they also tend to show what his nature is.Good manners means good

With the Asian Games opening, it has been changing the people's habits and behaviors by and bye.As the host, we should pay great attention to our words and acts,which will give deep impressions on the guests from home and abroad.For

good manners cost us nothing but can buy everything. they help us to win friends and also conquer our enemies. they tend to make the world a happier place to live in by reducing friction and avoiding tension. practically in any mode of life, good

The code of conduct, which is common to the people in their daily lives, is a sign of national, national progress, openness, and development. It requires people to pay attention to the behavior of courtesy, dignified manner, the embodiment of mutual

Sb is polite Every morning ,SB says 'GOOd morning to his(her) teachers .SB often help others 实在想不出了啊~

Good Manners For example: When you cough or sneeze , cover your mouth with your hand. When you fart , say "excuse me" or "pardon me". When other people give you a hand, say thank you. When you are wrong, apologize immediately.

Good Manners Matter As more and more Chinese go travelling abroad, reports about their bad manners flood in. Some Chinese talkloudly and push in. Some even spiteverywhere. The poor behavior of some Chinese has done great harm to our

Good manners are very important in the communication of daily life. Everyone likes a person with good manners. But what are good manners? How does one know what should do and what should not do when trying to be a good -mannered person

The poor behavior of some Chinese has done great harm to our reputation for having good manners. China has become an im portant corner of the global village. We have to understand and respect others' cultures. Try to say more “Hello” and

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