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《Hello My Love》或者是《say hello to goodbye》两首高潮部分都有say hello,风格不同,前者比较嗨,后者比较抒情,个人认为两首都蛮有节奏感的,都不错.不知道是不是你要找的歌!

背景音乐改编自:Brothers Johnson--Strawberry Letter 23歌词:Hello, my loveI heard a kiss from youRed magic satin playing near, tooAll through the morning rainI gaze - the sun doesn't shine -Rainbows and waterfalls run through my mindIn the

hello lionel richie 莱昂 里奇 i've been alone with you inside my mindand in my dreams i've kissed your lips a thousand timesi sometimes see you pass outside my doorhello, is it me you're looking for?i can see it in your eyesi can see it in your

my love

heal the world - michael jackson (think about the generations 沉思那潮生潮灭,世代更迭 and say we wanna make it a better place for our children 说吧说我们想要 and children's children 想要为孩子们,和他们的子孙,营造更美好的家园 so that

YOU WILL BE MY LOVEMy love,till you are near I long for your touch you are the only one, with you I know I'll find love that I need Love for a life time So please believe it's true Our love will see us thru For one heart share by two We'll always stand, now

Stay By My Side - (Miya) ! Hello小姐 OST to my love to my love 喜欢你 别人说什么都没关系 all right all right在你身边的时候 没理由地就觉得幸福 抬头看着遥远的天空 什么都很美好 没关系 我相信你啊 现在我们的爱才刚开始 因为你的存在 我


Loving Eyes -Toyota Safety Sense 请采纳,不谢~

Hello小姐电视原声带 留在我身边 (管弦乐演奏版) Hello小姐电视原声带 浪漫曲 Hello小姐电视原声带 每天, 我 (管弦乐演奏版) Hello小姐电视原声带 大晴天 Hello小姐电视原声带 方基舞步 (管弦乐演奏版) Hello小姐电视原声带 假动作

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