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应该是like best,在这个句式中,like作为一个动词,应用best这个形容词作修饰,而不可用most这个副词.所以应为like best.

When I was young, be in high and vigorous spirits, enormously proud of one's success, it was a dream to change the world. When I grew older, wiser, I discovered the world would not change. So I shortened my sights somewhat, decided to change

the place i would most like to visit umm, when seeing your question the city first comes upon my head is the charming city :california , once more , i've listened to such a sweet enlish song , to be frank it's deeply touched my heart , whenever i listened

阅读理解Most people like to eat sweets:Most people 是大多数人sweets 是糖果 或是 甜食所以应该翻译为:大多数人都爱吃糖果/ 甜食很希望会对你有帮助.

which country do you like to visit most?你更喜欢到哪个国家游览(参观)?i like to visit singapore most.我更喜欢去新加坡游览.


你最想去哪里度假?Summer vacation will come soon, I want to go to Australia on vacation, because there is one of the biggest island in the world, was surrounded by the sea. I want to go to Australia water of the sea, to experience the taste of the

Something I'd most like to do L like playing basketball very much.When l was in a Middle school,l play basketball every day.It's very interesting. Of course, there are many, but onething I want to do first is to improve my basketball. My basketball is

the country i would most like to visit is the united states of america. even though america doesn't have a long history, i still want to visit there, because there are so many things to see. first, i want to visit the museum of civil war. the civil war is a huge

Which province would you most like to visit?随便说一个省份的名称就可以了.如:Zhejiang (province).

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