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My favorite vacation spotI think Beijing is a good place.We can enjoy exotic flavors from a variety of cultures,like Beijing duck,bean curd.If we are interested in history,we can visit Museums or Palaces there.Beijing has a long history.It's also famous

My favorite sport There are many kinds of sports that I enjoy, such as swimming, running, and dancing. However, the sport that I like most is basketball. When I was in junior high, I started to play basketball in school. At that time, I found I had loved

Hello ,my name is ,I'm a student .I like do sports very much .Basketball is my favorite sport ,I always play basketball with my classmate after school .I think play basketball is very good for people ,it can help us to keep health.Because of it ,l more and

My favorite sport is basketball. I have been playing it since ten when I was selected into the basketball team just because the captain felt that my height was ideal for it. I was reluctant to join because I did not really like to sweat. However, I realised it is

My favourite sport is basketball, because I love watching NBA; and my favourity NBA star is Lebron James. When I play basketball, I imagine myself as Lebron. The way he slam dunks ignites the fire in my heart. My blood boils as I pass through the

My favorite vacation spotI think Beijing is a good place. We can enjoy exotic flavors from a variety of cultures, like Beijing duck,

My favorite spot is playing basketball. my reasons are as follings:Firstly, playing basketball enable me to enhance my health and konw a lot friends who has the same interest with me. That make me very happy . Besides, I can learn o lot from p;aying it such as how to cooperate with other.虽然字数少了点,但是希望可以帮到你

I like basketball,football,baseball and so on.Among these sports my favourite is basketball because it is easy to play.I play basketball 3 times a week.My favourite player is Yao Ming.Yao Ming is not

我最喜欢的位置是打羽毛球. 羽毛球是乐趣和球员甚至适度的技能能跳,不仅是社会方面享有的球队踢球,但同样奇妙的健康有利的一个伟大的心血管健身. 我打羽毛球.我认为这是一个伟大的运动,使你的新员工,并让自己快乐!

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