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1. She'll show you how to co-ordinate pattern and colours. 她会教你如何搭配款式和颜色. 2. The restructuring of the pattern of consumption in Britain also lagged behind. 在消费结构重组方面,英国也落后于人. 3. The kinked line in chart 1

Not the Correct pattern这里有多个解释,要看用在什么地方:1)模式不正确2)不是正确的图案3)句型不正确

1.Paul is excited that he will study at a famous university.2 Jenny is worried that she will fail such a difficult exam.3 Mrs anderson is upset that she left her handbag in a taxi.4

Watch for changes in her breathing pattern.中文意思是:注意她呼吸方式的变化.希望能帮到你!

the kite是主语 that is used to give lessons是定语从句来修饰前面的名词kite. is是系动词 a regular diamond 是定语修饰后面的kite的.kite 是表语with a rainbow pattern.是后置定语.整个句子的意思是.用来上课的那个风筝是一个带有彩虹图案的规则的菱形.

look for a kind of developing mode that fits for developing countries

第一段讲起源: The religious duty, and pleasure, of thanksgiving to God was well established in England before any English speakers came to America, but it was the American colonials who made a feast of it. After the successful harvest of 1621

动词构成短语,有影响的意思no again 应该就类似于long time no see这种用中文去翻译的英语 .是没有下一次的意思

意思 美土面积约增加倍 或 美土面积约原两

The purpose of holding the world expo is to protect the city heritage, focusing our attention on the developmemt of it; on the other hand,to seek the pattern of city development in the deveolping countries .And it can promote the communication and understanding of the human society

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