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Trees are very important to us. Do you know why? Let me tell you.树对于我们非常重要,你知道为什么吗?让我来告诉你吧.Trees take in carbon dioxide from the air and make oxygen. That's important. People and animals need oxygen to live.

I like trees我喜欢树双语例句1I like oak trees, I don't like palm trees我喜欢橡树,我不喜欢棕榈树2I like planting trees around my house.我喜欢在房子周围种树.



你的指尖滑过我的皮肤 棕榈树在风中摇曳 想象着 你为我吟唱那西班牙摇篮曲 你的眼中映出甜蜜的忧伤 和那狡黠的恶作剧 我不愿看到你的不快 我以为你也一样 再见了,我的爱人 再见了,我无望的梦想 我努力不去想你 请让我独自离去 再见 我不

Almost lover(恋人未满)A fine FrenzyYour fingertips against my skin 你的指尖轻滑过我的肌肤The palm trees swaying in the wind in my chase 棕榈树在风中翩翩起舞You sang me Spanish lullabies 你为我吟唱那西班牙摇篮曲The sweetest

人物:tom,jack 和 forune teller! 镜头一: jack:tom,who do you think the man with a yellow straw hat on the stool in front of the palm trees? tom:i guess he must be a fortune

[图文] 根据短文内容,从短文后的选项中选出能填入空白处的最佳答案. There is an English saying:"1.U There is an English saying:"1.Until recently, few people took the saying seriously. Now, however, doctors

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