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museum[英][mjuzi:m] [美][mjuzim] 例句most towns i've visited have a history museum.我访问过的大部分城市都有历史博物馆.the national palace museum is one of the world's greatest collections of chinese antiquities.台北国立故宫博物院


/prp'gnd/ n. 宣传

英文原文:propaganda英式音标:[prpgnd] 美式音标:[prpgnd]

Can I Kick It lyrics [Q-Tip] Can I kick it? (Yes, you can!) *7X* Well, I'm gone (Go on then!) Can I kick it? To all the people who can Quest like A Tribe does Before this, did you really know what live was?Comprehend to the track, for it's why cuz Gettin

维克多维克多(男主角),一个善良又可爱的老实人,看到维多利亚的第一眼他就爱上了她,但同时又为僵尸新娘(艾米丽)的真爱所感动,所以愿意放弃自己的生命来完成艾米丽的心愿.VictorVictor (actor), a kind and lovely and honest man,


白向导(或:我的向导白小姐)有着粉红圆润的脸颊,她把光溜溜的辫子轻轻地拨到背(或:肩)后去,看起来就像是从宣传海报里面走(冒)出来的一样. propoganda笔误,应为propaganda

In school period, I positively participate in the institute to move,hold the post of institute Youth Corps Committee propaganda minister,is glad exchanges with the schoolmate, raises own communication andthe coordinated ability, periphery the study

The chain-like management must manage the standardization, through the multitudinous shop, the display scale superiority, retails through the joint purchase, reduces the cost display price superiority, flows the centralized control through the fund and

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