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歌手:britt nicole 歌曲: ready 专辑:say it

歌词如下:^-^ READY TO GO! 歌手:melody. 专辑:READY TO GO! melody. - READY TO GO! 作词:melody./KURIS 作曲:KURIS Is this a dream Or is this really happening for real? Am i awake Or am i just imagining it's real? Somebody tell

不会把let it go 听成ready go了吧..这范围太大不好找,可能是Ready Steady Go! ,Ready To Go ,We Own It ,Yeah! .等歌曲

lady go! 幸田来未

是 let it go吧

应该是兔子舞吧? 歌词是Left Left Right RightGo Turn AroundGo Go Go

应该抄是Let it go吧,《冰雪奇缘》(Frozen)电影的主题曲.演唱者是zhidaoDemi Lovato黛米洛瓦托 http://music.baidu.com/song/92279724?fm=altg1

Here for You - Kygo,Ella HendersonWe'll be passing byAnd they'll be wasting timeJust waiting for newAnd while they're chasing darksWe'll be dancing in the duskCause we're coming throughWhenever you need me I'm behindI promise to take you

我也在找这首歌 中间有一段是 yeah say ready go 然后是 bababababababababa 恰比 yeah 恰比yeah everybody 恰比 yeah 恰比yeah everybody

英文crayon pop - bar bar bar 韩文:???? - ??? 国内粉丝管他们叫 蜡笔团

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