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runoutof后可以加宾语;run out后不可

用完, 耗尽, 从 跑出

sthrunout某物用完了,物作主语 sbrunoutofsth某人用完了某物,人作主语


1. 从…跑出来:All the students run out of the classrooms as soon as the bell rings.铃声一响,学生们都从教室里跑出来.2. (液体)从…流出:Filthy water runs out of the pipe every day.污水每天从管道中流出

run out 就是个动作,跑,出去run out of 是用完了

run out 1.跑出去;匆匆离开:例句:Lots of students ran out to see what had happened.许多学生跑出去看发生了什么事情.2.(液体)流出:例句:The water runs out at the

sth run out 某物用完了,物作主语sb run out of sth 某人用完了某物,人作主语

use up,run out of被动give out,run out 主动.都是用完的意思.

Run out run out of 都是用完耗尽的意思,用法不同,sth+run.out.举例the.pencil.is.running.out铅笔快要用完了.run.out.of+sth用完某物耗尽某物举例i.am.running.out.of.the.pencil我快要用完铅笔了.注意这两个句子都是进行时表将来快要的意思.没有run.out.with估计是选择题的一个迷惑选项.带with的给你补充两个,run.off.with等于run.away.with.sb意思和某人一起逃跑.run.off.with.sth意思是偷走,英文释意to.steal.sth.and.take还有什么不明白的可以留言.

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