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distinction [dis'tikn] n. 差别,不同,对比,区分,辨别 we should make a distinction between right and wrong. 我们应该分清是非.

distinction / dstkn; dstkn/ n [c, u] ~ (between a and b ) difference or contrast between one person or thing and another 差别; 对比: he drew a quite artificial distinction between men and women readers. 他把男读者和女

莉萨与我截然不同的翻译(1) There is a complete difference between Lisa and I .(2) Lisa is entirely different from me .(3) Lisa and I are of great difference .(4) Compared with me, Lisa is another person in aspect of character.(5) Lisa is completely

distinction[英][dstkn][美][dstkn]n.区别; 荣誉; 特质来; 卓越; 复数:distinctions例句:1.Surveillance technology also blurs the distinction between emergency and routineoperations. 监视技术也模源糊2113了紧5261急

Much of what you read about running makes a sharp distinction between the sexes你读到的大部分关于跑步的东西,会使男女之间有一个鲜明的区别

fine [fain] adj.美好的, 优良的, 杰出的, 精美的, 杰出的, 细, 纤细, 纯粹 n.罚款, 罚金, 晴天, 精细 vt.罚款, 精炼, 澄清 vi.变清, 变细 adv.很好, 妙, [常用于构成复合词]细微地, 精巧地 fine fine 1 AHD:[fn] D.J.[fa!n] K.K.[fa!n] adj.

sharp /p/ CET4 TEM4 (sharper,sharpest,sharps)1.ADJ A sharp point or edge is very thin and can cut through things very easily. Asharp knife, tool, or other object has a point or edge of this kind. 锋利的例:With a sharp knife, make diagonal

The significance of travel On the grounds of the speedy development of social economy, people currently lead an increasing affluent life. Therefore more heed is paid to their entertainment, travel in particular. When it comes to traveling, I am

生物多样性保护已经成为一个被广泛接受的环境保护主义者目标,然而其重要性何在却没有达成一致意见.二项彼此相对的自然价值理论 - 这里称为“经济主义”和“内在价值论” - 经常被引用来支持该目标.环保主义者,最近提出了用一个通

有些政治家的奋斗目标在於缩小贫富的差距.some politicians aim at closing the gap between rich and poor.政府尽力消除贫富之间的差距.the government tried to level out the differences between the rich and the poor.贫富之间的差距扩大了.

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