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my sunset(original mix)Don't stop(thefatrat remi)midnight sunskies(feat.Axel Berg)Blank

avicii的waiting for love

这首歌叫做《Hold On》歌手:Moguai / Cheat Codes 所属专辑:Hold On (Radio Edit)

Where there's a will, there's a way, kind a beautiful 有志者事竟成,多么美好的事情世界 And every night has its day, so magical 黑夜过去就是黎明,这里充满神奇 And if there's love in this life, there's no obstacle 如果生活充满爱,世界将不再有

waiting for loveseven nation army纯手打勿忘采纳哈~

Waiting for Love是Avicii的电音作品.

Waiting 和Waiting for love 创作者都是世界百大DJ

Clsr (Aash Mehta Flip)Best Day of My LifeSleep For The Weak (Lost Frequencies Remix)Pumpin Blood

看你喜欢的风格了比较嗨的有很多,基本没唱歌的有my heart,#SELFIE,Disconnected,s 等.还有现在比较流行的带唱歌的电音,比如avicii的waiting for love,vicetone的nevada,zedd的beautiful now棉花糖的moving on,calvin harris的this is what you

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